Training ​For Parents of Special Needs Children

This workshop introduces the technique of Fascia Bowen to parents. It is designed to provide them with procedures they can perform in the home setting when treatment isn't available. They can also use these maneuvers on a regular basis to care for their children. This is a one day workshop.

Course fee: $100.00 Canadian.

Clinical Assessment workshop

 This workshop will be presented as a methodology to bridge the gap between the technique and the practice. The attendee's will demonstrate assessment procedures to address Head, Upper Back, Lower Back, Pelvis. Apply these skills for a proficient and professional hands on experience with feedback and one on one guidance from instructor; while working with other practitioners.
 A certificate with 7 hours of continuing education will be given to attendees. 

Complete cover under garments required as this course is taught with full skin contact. 

Tuition: $200.00 Canadian

Fascia Bowen Module 1 

A dynamic workshop that will introduce the health practitioner to a technique developed by Howard Plummer in Cardiff, Wales. Fascia Bowen Module 1 is focused on treating children with special needs with a gentle and effective technique tailored to their needs. Designed to aid children with sleep, behaviour, attention and forms of self stimulation. This autonomic body balancing will also facilitate stress relief and relaxation. This course will concentrate on the synthesis of embryology, the nervous system, and the skin. The course will allow you to immediately integrate the maneuvers with student’s previous Bowen Technique practice through instructor demonstration. Emphasis will be on order of procedures and case management. Registration on contact page of this site.
Complete cover under garments required as this Technique is taught with full skin contact. 

Fascia Bowen Module 2 

This workshop for the care of acute and chronic imbalances of the musculoskeletal system and is a dynamic, gentle and affective treatment protocol that can be tailored to the clients needs. This material blends the training in the Fascia Bowen Technique as taught by Howard Plummer and elements of 36 years of chiropractic experience. Attendees will analyze the relationship of dermatomes and cutaneous nerve branches of the spinal segments as well as learn how to blend clinical assessment training into the maneuvers of the Bowen Technique through instructor demonstration.  Registration on contact page of this site.      
Complete cover under garments required as this Technique is taught with full skin contact. 

Tuition:  $425.00 Canadian

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        For Bowen practitioners, health professionals and Parents

Fascia Bowen Refresher for Module 1 and Module 2

                                                  ​​​Current workshops 

Frank DiMaio DC, MS is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider #1068.

 Professional Development

2 day Training in

  • Fascia Bowen Module 1 
  • Fascia Bowen Module 2 
  • 1 day training in Clinical Assessment
  • Fascia Bowen Refresher modules (please see schedule of workshops for details)
  • Parent Training (one day training)

These refresher classes are designed to help Bowen practitioners trained in Fascia Bowen regain the lightness of touch and maneuver protocol unique to this technique. If you have any doubts about your approach, your touch or the need to be checked. It doesn't help the client/patient if the maneuvers are down incorrectly…get the kinks out. The first time is the only time tuition is required. Repeating the course after that, is free. If the practitioner wishes a refresher other than the dates posted, Spaces are allotted for refreshers in any initial training class. These are separate workshops for each module to allow practice time and instructor guidance.
Pre-requisite: Fascia Bowen Modules 1 or 2.
Tuition: $250. Canadian

Complete cover under garments required as this course is taught with full skin contact

A Functional View of Neuroanatomy as it relates to Brain balancing and Procedures

This is an advanced seminar for practitioners with strong neuroanatomy background. The material covers embryologic brain development and its correlates to cerebral cortices and peripheral extensions. Specific maneuvers according to neurological assessment protocol will be an important part of this work. Pre-requisite for Bowen Practitioners is a course in Neuroanatomy.

​Tuition: undetermined