Workshop Objectives/ Outcomes: Fascia Bowen Module 1 
Attendees will:

  Will learn about the development of Fascia Bowen and how it originated.
  Discuss Germ Layers and importance to Fascia Bowen Technique.
  Demonstrate Dermatome patterns and relevance to Fascia Bowen Technique
  Demonstrate 5 Initial maneuvers
  Recite muscles or joints in 4 initial maneuver.
  Demonstrate 3 Head and Neck maneuvers.
  Compare FB6/Occiput to Bowen BRM3.
  Demonstrate Thoracic Posterior protocol FB8/Upper Back and FB8A/Alternative.
  List bones and muscles for these maneuvers.
  Demonstrate Lower Extremity Protocol FB10A/Thigh and Pelvis.
  Identify the muscles, ligaments and nerve(s) in FB10A/Thigh and Pelvis. 
  Identify epidermal regions according to spinal dermatomes.
  Interpret why understanding epidermal regions is important in Fascia Bowen Technique.

  Discuss and distinguish when it is required or necessary to refer client back to physician.

Clinical Assessment 

Continuing Education Credits:
14 hours of CEU’s for the following courses: Fascia Bowen 1 & 2 

7 hours of CEU's for Clinical Assessment

Refresher classes in Fascia Bowen Modules 1 & 2 and Clinical Assessment

These refresher classes are designed to help practitioners who were trained in Fascia Bowen regain the lightness of touch and maneuver protocol unique to this technique. If you have any doubts about your approach, your touch or feel the need to be checked. It doesn't help the client/patient if the maneuvers are down incorrectly…get the kinks out. The first time is the only time tuition is required. Repeating a course after that, is free. If the practitioner wishes a refresher other than the dates posted. Only 3 spaces are allotted for refreshers in any initial training class. So, if you wish to work with other pre-trained practitioners this refresher is for you. Each module is taught separately. 
Pre-requisite: Fascia Bowen Modules 1 or 2; Clinical Assessment.
Tuition: $250.00 Canadian
Complete cover under garments required, as this course is taught with full skin contact.

Hands on Workshop:
These intensive weekend workshops will be instructed and demonstrated. To include one on one guidance and practice on attendees using massage tables. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. 
     Complete undergarment coverage required for on the skin segments of course.

                         Fascia Bowen Module 2 

The following policies and procedures apply to all courses, workshops or classes listed on this website, Facebook, or any other directory of listing.

Cancelation and refund policy:
If class is cancelled due to an insufficient number of attendees. The student may have tuition credited toward the next available class or their tuition payment refunded minus non-refundable deposit of $125.00. If the student who requests refund wishes to attend a later class; their non-refundable deposit will be credited to their tuition for that class.

Instructor:    Frank J. DiMaio DC, MS

CE Credits: 7
Pre-requisites:  minimum 50 hours of anatomy and physiology

              Fascia Bowen Module 1 

Course Description:  A dynamic demonstration workshop in Fascia Bowen Technique for the care of acute and chronic imbalances of the musculoskeletal system. Attendees will analyze the relationship of dermatomes and cutaneous nerve branches of the spinal segments. Learn how to assess and blend the maneuvers with Bowen Technique through instructor demonstration. Students will learn two maneuvers for the lower extremities, one for the chest, two for the upper back, one for the shoulder and arm, three for the neck and five initial maneuvers. Attendee will demonstrate maneuvers for the neck, chest, upper back, lower extremity, initial maneuvers, and lower extremity with one on one guidance of instructor.

Upon successfully completing course attendees will design one treatment protocol to be integrated with Bowen (Bowenwork) Technique for the care of acute and chronic imbalances of the musculoskeletal system.  

Instructor:    Frank J. DiMaio DC, MS 

CE Credits: 14
Pre-requisites:  Minimum two Modules of Bowenwork training. Fascia Bowen Module 1 is not a pre-requisite for Fascia Bowen Module 2

Hands on Workshop:
This intensive weekend workshop will be instructed and demonstrated. And will include one on one guidance and practice on attendees using massage tables. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.

      Complete undergarment coverage required.

Course Description:

A dynamic workshop that will introduce the health practitioner to a technique based on the work of Howard Plummer in Cardiff, Wales. Fascia Bowen provides children with special needs with a proven, gentle and affective technique tailored to their needs. Designed to aid children with sleep, behaviour, attention and forms of self stimulation. Also muscle contracture in Cerebral Palsy, developmental milestones as in Down’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia. 
The synthesis of embryology, the nervous system and the skin will be evaluated. The course teaches maneuvers, for the head and neck, the upper back, and lower extremities. The student will demonstrate specific protocol for Spinal Rocking maneuver, Atlas stimulator maneuver, upper back maneuver and lower extremities with one on one demonstration from instructor. The attendees will assess how to blend the maneuvers with Bowen Technique through instructor demonstration. 

Course Description: 
This 1 day workshop blends Bowen with assessment. In this 1 day workshop the practitioner will apply specific skills to address Head, Upper Back, Lower Back, and Pelvis. During this class the attendee's will demonstrate proficient assessment procedures as they are taught and demonstrated by the instructor..

Based on attendance for 16 hours over the 2 days. Two 15 minute breaks and a 60 minute lunch break each day. times may vary, but will maintain 16 hour requirement for 14 hours of CEU's to be earned.

Statement on ADA:
If attendee requires accommodation due to disibility, please contact instructor immediately through email at

Grading/Course Policy:
There is no grading system established for this seminar. The attendee will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon attending 16 hours for both days. Certification is based on complete attendance, no partial credits will be offered or given.

Statement on Intellectual Pluralism:
The instructor welcomes Intellectual diversity and respects the rights and privacy of students. Any questions about the quality of instruction for this class may be addressed to the instructor Frank J. DiMaio at At the end of class all students will have an opportunity to submit an anonymous evaluation of instructor.

“A proven methodology to bridge the gap between your technique and clinical practice...
                                            Remember Balance is Everything”

Instructor:    Frank J. DiMaio DC, MS  

CE Credits: 14
Pre-requisites:  Minimum two Modules of Bowenwork training is required.

NOTE:  The policies and procedures for all courses and workshops are listed at the bottom of this page.

Manual and Hand outs:
Upon registration of non-refundable deposit of $125.00. The manual required for this course will be provided via email as a PDF document that can be printed in colour or black and white by attendee. This is done so the material can be read prior to start of course and must be brought to the class. All other hand out materials, forms and diagrams will be provided during training. Manuals available in French.

Workshop Objectives/Outcomes:  Clinical Assessment
Attendees will:

Recite at least (4) muscles and or ligaments being assessed.

Interpret Trendelenburg test.
List bones that make up shoulder girdle.

relate assessment findings to Bowen maneuvers
Identify epidermal regions according to spinal dermatomes.
Interpret why this is important in your field of choice or if you are a Fascia Bowen practitioner
Execute a complete Clinical Assessment start to finish.

Distinguish when it is required or necessary to refer client back to physician.

Workshop Objectives/Outcomes:  Fascia Bowen Module 2 
Attendees will:

    Define Fascia Bowen Technique and how and why do you explain to a client.
    Compare importance of spinal tracts to free nerve endings.
    Demonstrate initial maneuvers; FB1, FB2
    Recite muscles and Dermatomes of initial maneuvers FB1, FB2
    Demonstrate FB3/Atlas Stimulator, FB4/Spinal Rock maneuver 
    Recite the muscles and ligaments effected by Atlas Stimulator maneuver.
    Demonstrate Fascia Bowen FB5/Total Body procedure
    Discuss Dermatome importance and why this is important in Fascia Bowen
    Demonstrate FB6/Occiput, FB6C/Ear and Jaw
    Compare Bowen BRM2 to FB8/Thoracic Posterior and FB8A/Alternative maneuvers.
    Demonstrate Lower Extremity protocol FB10/Hip.
    Demonstrate FB10B/Pelvis and Sacral.
    Compare FB10B to Bowen Coccyx procedure.
    Demonstrate Thoracic Anterior maneuver FB9/Chest
    Identify the muscles, ligaments and nerve(s) for FB9/Chest 

Hands on Workshop:
This intensive weekend workshop will be instructed and demonstrated. And will include one on one guidance and practice on attendees using massage tables. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Complete undergarment coverage required.