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Research paper on Fascia
Third International Fascia Research Congress - Accepted Abstracts

The following link is a current research study completed in the U.K. by Dr. Melanie Morgan-Jones on Fascia Bowen Technique as it relates to Dyspraxia.

link for Instructors and Practitioners world wide

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Current workshops and seminars       

  • 2 day training in Fascia Bowen Technique
  • 1 day workshop in clinical assessment
  • 2 day Fascia Bowen Refresher class
  • ​1 day Clinical Assessment Refresher class

Thank you for sharing your knowledge ,enthusiasm and this valuable technique with us.It was a lot of information.It was a little overwhelming ! The more I go through the manual the more I realize how much to learn and how powerful it can be!!
Thank you so very much for treating my husband. He is feeling so much better and also setting up the treatment plan for me to follow and continue working on him.
The research paper is very encouraging and inspiring by its author.
Looking forward to learning more from you!!,
Heart felt thanks,
Angela, Ottawa

Fascia Bowen Technique

You were trained to challenge tissue…is it important? Sometimes it is…most of the time an alternative approach is needed for sensitive clients or conditions like MS, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and generalized pain syndromes.


Because the lightness of contact affects epidermal sensory receptors rather than the deep fascia and muscle fibres. The dynamic and exceptionally gentle technique of Fascia Bowen influences finer cutaneous nerve endings in the superficial fascia along the regions of dermatomes and has a broader impact on the somato-senory system.

Clinical Assessment

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 Frank J. DiMaio DC, MS, Bowen Therapist,

 Instructor Fascia Bowen Technique, NCBTMB  approved provider #1068


Quantitative study presented at Fascia conference Vancouver 2012.pdf